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What Size of Perfume Should I Buy? A Helpful Guide to Perfume Sizes

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Whether you’re buying your first bottle of fragrance, or want to understand perfume bottle size, knowing the difference in perfume sizes on the market can help you to get the best value for money. 

Typically, most perfumes come in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml bottles. However, there are additional sizes that exist, and knowing which size of perfume is best for your needs will ensure you make a good purchase. 

In this guide to perfume sizes, we show you what to consider when buying fragrance, and the difference in the size of perfume available. 

What size of perfume should I buy?

When buying perfume, the size of the bottle you choose is largely a matter of personal preference and budget. 

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on the size of perfume you want to buy:

  • Frequency of use: If you plan to use the perfume every day or multiple times a day, opt for a larger bottle to ensure you have enough to last for a longer period of time. On the other hand, if you only plan to wear the perfume occasionally, a smaller bottle may be sufficient.
  • Type of occasion: If you’re only wearing the perfume for special occasions or events, a smaller bottle will be enough since you won’t be using it as frequently. 
  • Budget: The size of the perfume bottle you choose may also be influenced by your budget. Larger bottles tend to be more expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to opt for a smaller size.

Perfume bottle sizes

Perfume bottles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small, travel-sized bottles to large, decorative bottles. 

Here is a guide to the size of some common perfume bottle sizes:

  • Miniature (mini): These bottles are typically around 5-10 ml in size and are perfect for travel or for trying out a new scent.
  • Rollerball: Rollerball bottles are small, portable bottles that contain around 8-12 ml of perfume. They are convenient for applying perfume on the go as they have a rollerball applicator.
  • Eau de toilette (EDT): These bottles are usually around 30-100ml in size and contain a concentration of perfume oil that is typically around 5-15%.
  • Eau de parfum (EDP): EDP bottles are usually around 30-100ml in size and contain a concentration of perfume oil that is typically around 15-20%.
  • Parfum: Parfum bottles are usually around 30-50 ml in size and contain the highest concentration of perfume oil, typically around 20-30%. They are the most expensive and longest-lasting type of perfume.
  • Large bottles: These bottles are typically larger than 50ml and are often decorative or collectible. They may be more expensive but can be a good value if you use a lot of perfume or want a bottle that will last for a long time.

Should you buy a large bottle of perfume?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of large perfume sizes:


  • Value: Large bottles of perfume tend to be more expensive upfront, but they tend to offer better value in the long run, especially if you use a lot of perfume.
  • Convenience: A large bottle of perfume can be more convenient if you plan to use the perfume on a daily basis or multiple times a day, as you won’t have to worry about running out as quickly.
  • Decorative: Large bottles of perfume can also be decorative and make a statement in your home.


  • Cost: Large bottles of perfume tend to be more expensive upfront, which may not be feasible for everyone.
  • Space: Large bottles of perfume take up more space, which may be an issue if you have limited storage space.
  • Longevity: Depending on how frequently you use the perfume, a large bottle may last for a long time, meaning that you may not get to try out as many different scents as you would if you were using smaller bottles.

Ultimately, whether you should buy a large bottle of perfume or not depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Consider your budget, how frequently you plan to use the perfume, and how much space you have available when deciding on the size of the bottle you want to buy.


What is the largest perfume size?

The largest perfume size is usually 200-250 ml of perfume. These are more expensive but last a long time. 

It’s worth knowing that the size of the bottle of perfume doesn’t necessarily determine the strength or quality of the scent. The fragrance concentration is the most important factor that determines how strong or long-lasting a perfume is. 

What is the standard perfume size?

There is no standard size as such, but the most common size for perfume is around 30-50ml. The majority of fragrances are in these sizes. 

What size is travel size perfume?

Travel-size perfumes are small bottles of fragrance that are convenient for taking on the go. These bottles normally house 5-10 ml of fragrance and may be also known as minis. 

As they’re smaller, they’re perfect for taking on vacation as you can easily fit them in your luggage since they don’t take up much space. 

Some travel-sized perfumes come in rollerball format, making them easier to apply. 

How big is 100ml of perfume?

100ml of perfume is a large size bottle of fragrance. The exact dimensions will vary depending on the shape and design of the specific bottle. 

A 100ml bottle is generally around the same size as a small bottle of shampoo or conditioner. 

When it comes to cost, bottle size is just one factor that determines the price. Other factors that influence the price of a perfume include the quality of the ingredients, the brand and reputation of the manufacturer, marketing, and packaging costs

The fragrance concentration will also determine the price, since parfum is more expensive than eau de toilette. 

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